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1. Data Protection Declaration  
Data Protection Policy I. Name and address of the controller The controller in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation and other national data protection laws in the member states as...  
2. Thank you  
Thank you for your interest We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.  
3. Services  
Leistungen The Rhenus subsidiary Z.A.S. has focused on the pharmaceutical industry as an archive service provider for many years and in 2005 was one of the first archive service providers in...  
4. Imprint  
Imprint Z.A.S. Zentral Archiv Service GmbH Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 7 17033 Neubrandenburg Germany Tel. +49 (0) 395 5705100 www.zas-archiv.de www.office-systems.de A Rhenus Archiv Services...  
5. We  
Archiving is a question of trust Information is a valuable asset. For this reason, you should know precisely who you are entrusting with this information. On these pages we would like to give a...  
6. Archive  
Archiving Although we consider ourselves as an information service provider now, the traditional archiving of materials remains at the core of our services. We archive much more than just files...  
7. Digitise  
Digitise Today, the management and processing of files, documents and contracts of all kinds primarily takes place using digital workflow. However, the exchange of important documents with external...  
8. History  
20 years of experience means a strong case. Founded by Bernd Mohnsame in Neubrandenburg in 1994, Zentral Archiv Service GmbH, abbreviated Z.A.S., can look back on more than 25 years of successful...  
9. Organisation  
Orderliness needs a system and a system needs an organisation. Z.A.S. does not only have a firmly established set of systems, but also a team. Whether it be in IT, logistics, archiving, retrieval or...  
10. Quality Management  
Everything is under control. Much more than just a motto. Quality and security are fundamental elements within the active corporate culture at Z.A.S. The ability to constantly improve through the...  
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Z.A.S. Zentral Archiv Service
Justus von Liebig Str. 7
17033 Neubrandenburg

Tel.: 0395 / 570 510 0
Fax: 0395 / 570 511 9
Email: info@zas-archiv.de