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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.


Although we consider ourselves as an information service provider now, the traditional archiving of materials remains at the core of our services.

We archive much more than just files and business documents including practically everything that ensures a long-term and secure retention of information: From data media, films and photographs to laboratory samples and pharmaceutical retain samples as well as antique letters and museum exhibits.

Here, we have described the most common archive materials in brief. Please contact us if your specialised requirements have not been mentioned.

We will also find the most suitable solution for you.

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Z.A.S. Zentral Archiv Service
Justus von Liebig Str. 7
17033 Neubrandenburg

Tel.: 0395 / 570 510 0
Fax: 0395 / 570 511 9
Email: info@zas-archiv.de